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I strive to provide a consistent schedule of classes, services and events for our entire community, unfortunately it is some times necessary to cancel and reschedule due to the reasons listed below. If you have any questions about a Cancellation or our Cancellation Policy and Procedure, please contact Erica at 765.426.5703.​

Public Cancellation Policy:
All cancellation decisions will be made at least 3 hours prior (when possible) to the scheduled Class, Event or Program​​​. In the event of an Nature's Heart cancellation due to Weather, Illness, Family Emergency or Schedule Conflict Nature's Heart will notify...

Public Class students and Public Workshop participants via email and facebook


Private Clients via phone, voicemail and/or email

Workshops via email, Facebook and/or phone


Cancellation Due to Weather:
All Public Classes, Public Workshops and Program Sessions will be canceled due to following reasons:​


Darke County is under a Level 2 Snow Emergency or higher (declared by the Darke County Sheriff’s Department)​​


Nature's Heart reserves the right to Cancel and Close the Studio based on our own judgment regarding the current and predicted road conditions (in the case that Darke County has not yet declared a snow emergency at the time of posting).


Due to Illness, Family Emergency or Schedule Conflict:
In the event that an instructor is not able to attend a scheduled Class, Event or Program I will attempt to fill the space with a substitute instructor. In the event that a substitute is not available…the Class, Event or Program will be cancelled.


Notice: Nature's Heart reserves the right to make changes to the Cancellation Policy & Procedure at any time. In the event that I do make significant changes to the Policy & Procedures, we will place notification on the Home page of our website as well via email and Facebook. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the Cancellation Policy & Procedures.​

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