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Welcome to Nature's Heart Yoga

Interested in Yoga...but not sure how to get started?

Follow our quick start guide below and you will be on the mat before you know it.


Call with Questions! Nothing beats a one on one conversation to help you figure out which class is best suited for you. We are available by phone and we would LOVE to help you choose a class that suits your goals and schedule. Phone: 765.426.5703

New Student Special! Each new student is invited to enjoy one month of unlimited yoga for $39. This special deal is designed for you to try all of our classes and teachers and chart the course that's perfect for you to sustain a committed yoga practice.


Dress Comfortably... You don't need expensive Yoga or Workout Gear to get 100% out of your classes. Instead we suggest that you dress comfortably in activewear that will allow you to stretch and move. A t-shirt or tank top + workout or yoga pants will suffice and can be found at many of the big box retailers at a good price. Remember this isn't a fashion's Yoga!


Arrive Early... We suggest that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class begins so we can show you how things work around Nature's Heart. Note: After your initial orientation you can arrive closer to the actual class time.


Accessorize... You are welcome to bring your own Yoga Mat and or any other accessories that you may have, but it is not necessary...we have you covered and provide mats, blocks, straps, blankets and chalk bags for all of our clients to use.


Smile... Know that you are taking the first step on an amazing path of and wellness and... we are so glad that you chose us!

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